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Weysiders 2018-19

29.09.2018: Weysiders 2018-19: E.Horner, J.Pierrepont, N.Fernandez, J.Shaw, M.Peters, H. Peters, S.Hill, P.Wilds (linesman); C.Murch, H.Barlow, D.Martin, F.Richards, M.Hilton, D.Collins, S.McKeown (player manager).

Weysiders First Team

01.04.2017: Weysiders First Team: (back row) Paul Martin (Manager), Kevin Barrow, James Pierrepont, Dimitry Minskiy, Chris Murch, Aaron hennessey, Gary Martin, Darren Martin; (font row) James Filmer, Sam Peters, Joe Braden, Freddie Richards, Ben Bryant, Karim Amaqrane, Glenn Noble.

Weysiders FC 2016-17

07.01.2017: Simon McKeown (Coach), Freddie Richards, Henri Peters, Ben Bryant, Gary Martin, Darren Martin, Aaron Hennessey, Glenn Noble, Jack Shaw, Paul Grills, Kevin Barrow, James Filmer, James Pierrepont, Alex Mattock, Steve Hill, Joe Braden, Paul Martin (Manager)

Weysiders FC 2015-16

06.02.2016: Weysiders FC 2015-16: Garry Pierrepont (Chairman), Mark Sydorin, Glenn Noble, James Pierrepont, Henri Peters, Steve Hill, Vincenzo Termite, Jose Campo, Pedro Sanchez, Gary Martin; Darren Martin, Freddie Richards, Simon McKeown, Fernando Pingitore, Ben Byrant, Kevin Barrow, Tony Ney.

Weysiders FC 2015-16

05.12.2015: Weysiders FC: Gary Martin, Tony Ney, Vincenzo Termite, Mark Sydorin, Steve Hill, James Pierrepont, Kevin Barrow, Paul Martin (manager); Darren Martin, Simon McKeown, Angelo La Rosa, Adrian Feijoo, Ben Bryant, Joes Campo, Ricardo Alonso.

Weysiders FC 2015-16

03.10.2015: Weysiders FC 2015-16: Paul Martin (manager), James Pierrepont, Kev Barrow, Steve Hill, Thom Doggett, Vincenzo Termite, Jose Campos, Mark Sydorin, Ricardo Alonso, Phil Wilds (linesman); Simon McKeown, Fernando Pingitore, Freddie Richards, Dom Facey, Ben Bryant, Adrian Feijoo, Joe Braden.

Weysiders 2014-15

27.09.2014: Paul Martin (manager), Phil Wilds (linesman), Tony Ney, Gino Raccuglia, Steve Hill, James Pierrepont, Gary Martin, Mike Burt, Glenn Noble, Justin Horner (coach); Tony Evans, Simon Avenell, Mike Frost, Albert Agbor, Kevin Barrow, Simon McKeown, Ricardo Alonso.

Weysiders Reserves (blue) v. Weysiders (red)

06.09.2014: Weysiders Reserves (blue) v. Weysiders (red)

Weysiders party on the Manchester trip

02.08.2014: Weysiders party on the Manchester trip: Jamie Moniz, Paul Martin, Ben Bryant, Jordan Stephen, Chris Murch, Gary Marton, Adie Puntrello, Gino Raccuglia; Simon McKeown, Freddie Richards, Russ Minns, Albert Agbor, Joe Gardiner, Mark Stephen, Dom De Piano, Mike Frost.

Weysiders FC 2013-14

23.11.2013: Tony Ney, Gary Martin, Gino Raccuglia, Jack Shaw, Steve Hill, James Pierrepont, Justin Horner; Simon McKeown, Alex MacDonnell, Simon Avenell, Mike Burt, Freddie Richards, Jordan Stephen, Mark Stephen.

Weysiders after the 3-1 against Mytchett United

16.11.2013: Paul Martin, Scott Mahoney, James Pierrepont, Mike Burt, Steve Hill, Gary Martin, Jack Shaw, Albert Agbor, Tony Ney, Justin Horner; Simon Avenell, Alex MacDonnell, Mark Stephen, Simon McKeown, Ricardo Alonso, Mike McDonnell, Jordan Stephen.

Weysiders FC 2013-14

05.10.2013: Mark Stephen, Tony Ney, Gino Raccuglia, Gary Martin, Chris Hall, Jack Shaw, James Pierrepont, Brad Strong, Justin Horner, Paul Martin; Amandeep Dhillon, Albert Agbor, Simon McKeown, Nick Burt, Alex MacDonnell, Simon Avenell, Jordan Stephen.

Guildford City Weysiders

15.09.2012: Guildford City Weysiders: back row (l to r): Jack Whatton, Nick Burt, James Pierrepont, Matt L'Estrange, Gary Martin, Kevin Barrow, George Edwards; front row (l to r): Stuart Avenell, Simon Avenell, Freddie Richards, Jim Norton, Salv De Piano, Chris Lary.

Guildford City Weysiders First Team, 2006-7.

29.08.2006: Guildford City Weysiders First Team, 2006-7.

GCW First Team 2004-5

04.09.2004: (back row, l to r): Kevin Barrow, Justin Horner, Bryan Frew, Mike Williams, Simon Avenell, Nick Burt, Greg Dawson, James Harris, Mark Robertson;
(front row, l to r): Nick Clarke, Nick Collis, Onofrio Sanfilippo, Mike Frost, Martin Stevens, Graeme Butler

GCW First Team 2003-4

13.03.2004: (back row, l to r): Andy Horner, Mark Robertson, Mike Frost, Russell Hughes, Mike Williams, Nick Collis, Phil Jones, David Burke, Justin Horner;
(front row, l to r): Ben Piette, Nicky Kirk, Terry Monan, Tim Seebold, Stuart Jackman, Kevin Barrow

GCW First Team

15.12.2001: (Back Row) Phil Wilds, Stuart McKay (manager), Harley Williams, Rob Hamblin, Richard Lambros, Stuart Jackman, Mike Williams, Rob Bailey, Greg Dawson.
(Front Row) Chris Wingrove, Tim Seebold, Tom Morris, Duncan Findlater, Terry Monan, Steve Birchall, Stephen Lawrence.

GCW First Team 2000-1

10.08.2000: GCW First Team: (Back row) Phil Wilds (Assistant Referee), Glen Hills, Howard Colinese, Nick Clarke, Mike Williams, Russell Hughes, Chris Wingrove, Euan Andrews, Arthur Hughes (Assistant Manager) (Front row) Richard Lambros, Stuart Jackman, Tim Seebold, Terry Monan, Nick Williams, Martin Stevens.

Guildford City Weysiders 1999-2000

25.03.2000: GCW 1999-2000: Arthur Hughes, Stuart McKay, Nick Williams, Glen Hills, Euan Andrews, Chris Wingrove, Mike Williams, Richard Lambros, Steve Cranstone, Howard Colinese; Stuart Jackman, Tim Seebold, Terry Monan, Marek Wazydrag, Steve Birchall, Spencer Hoskin.

Guildford City Weysiders 1994-5

22.04.1995: Guildford City Weysiders 1994-5: H.Colinese (manager), S.Brooks, S.Cranstone, R.Hughes, M.Williams, M.Chapman, T.Davies; M.Hockin, S.Jackman, S.Moody, S.Laking, S.Hoskin, M.Laking.

1993 stars of yesteryear

15.04.1993: Re-union team that beat the current first team in April 1993: A.Horner, A.Kettles, D.Lovegrove, P.Blake, G.Pierrepont, K.Simmons, T.Davies, J.Moore, I.McIsaac; R.Buzaglo, T.Buzaglo, D.Jenne, S.Azeem, J.Horner, M.Crabtree, M.Denham.

Guildford City Weysiders at Elstead

06.01.1990: Graeme Chrystal, Glen Rooke, Tony Inyang, Mike Williams, Colin Smythe, Ian Reynolds, Steve Moody, Rob Meyer; Richard Moody, Nick Butler, Karl Brown, Dom De Piano, Terry Cairns, Allan Kettles. Elstead 1, Guildford City Weysiders 2

All conquering Weysiders 1984

17.08.1984: Graeme Chrystal, Clive Allan, Garry Pierrepont (Manager), Lee Foster, Derek Over; John Moore, Steve Kellaway, Justin Horner, Chris Rayner, Malcolm Denham; Roger Hicks, Andy Horner, Tony Davies, Andy Jerrett, Kevin Simmons, Ian McIsaac. (Tim Buzaglo and Richard Buzaglo were playing cricket.)

Weysiders FC Intermediate League Cup Final Replay 1984

20.04.1984: Weysiders FC Intermediate League Cup Final Replay 1984: Garry Pierrepont (manager), Steve Kellaway, Malcolm Denham, Derek Over, Chris Rayner, Lee Foster, Graeme Chrystal, Dave Tanner; Tony Davies, Andy Jerrett, Tim Buzaglo, Richard Buzaglo, Dave Tanner, Andy Horner.

Surrey Intermediate League Cup Final 1984

13.04.1984: Weysiders FC 1984: Garry Pierrepont (manager), Steve Kellaway, Chris Rayner, Lee Foster, Derek Over, Ian McIsaac, Graeme Chrystal, Mark Pasco; Tony Davies, Andy Horner, Andy Jerrett, Richard Buzaglo, Kevin Simmons, Tim Buzaglo.

Bagshot 5-a-side. Weysiders win!

10.09.1983: Bagshot 5-a-side. Weysiders win! Kevin Simmons,Chris Rayner, Tim Buzaglo; Tony Davies, Derek Over, Lee Foster.

Weysiders win Bagshot 5-a-side

10.09.1983: Weysiders win Bagshot 5-a-side: Derek Over, Lee Foster, Tony Davies (10), Chris Rayner (5), Tim Buzaglo (8).

Weysiders at Cranleigh 6-a-sides

22.05.1983: Cranleigh 6-a-sides. Over looks for McIsaac.

Weysiders FC 1981-2

15.05.1982: Weysiders FC 1981-2: Garry Pierrepont (manager); Geoff Pearson, David Lovegrove, Kevin Simmons, Derek Over, Ian McIsaac, Nigel Butler, Simon Butler; Andrew Horner, Tony Davies, Dave Bremner, Tim Buzaglo, Malcolm Denham, Justin Horner.

Prior to the Guildford League Cup Final

15.05.1982: Garry Pierrepont, Geoff Pearson, Dave Lovegrove, Kevin Simmons, Derek Over, Ian McIsaac, Nigel Butler, Simon Butler; Andy Horner, Tony Davies, Dave Bremner, Tim Buzaglo, Malcolm Denham, Justin Horner.

Weysiders FC, 1980-1

31.01.1981: Weysiders FC, 1980-1: Graeme Chrystal, Dave Bremner, Malcolm Denham, Dave Lovegrove, Nigel Butler, Ron Middleton, Roger Hicks, Garry Pierrepont; Simon Butler, Kevin Simmons, Lee Foster, Tim Buzaglo, Ian McIsaac.

Weysiders FC 1975

20.09.1975: Weysiders FC 1975: Colin Sharp, Garry Pierrepont, Andy Davison, Tim Davison, Malcolm Denham, Richard Denness; Mark Pasco, Keith Ford, Kevin Simmons, Keith Meynall, Andy Vernoum.