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Weysiders Reserves

02.03.2019: Weysiders Reserves: Kevin Wielocha, Phil Ney, Dmitry Minskiy, Matt Rannie, Gary Martin, Liam Cox, James Martin; Ben Moore, Mike Frost, Tas Makris, Kev Barrow, Harry Barlow, Russ Minns, Simon Stacey.

Weysiders Reserves 2018-19

08.09.2018: Weysiders Reserves 2018-19: D.Minskiy, C.Murch, K.Barrow, T.Doggett, P.Ney, G.Martin, T.Ney, H.Barlow, R.Minns; T.Makris, M.Frost, F.Richards, R.Sayers, K.Wielocha, J.Martin, G.Raccuglia.

Weysiders Reserves

13.01.2018: Weysiders Reserves: (br) Nick Walker, Jack Gamble, Chris Murch, Matt Rannie, Gary Martin, Thom Doggett, Harry Barlow, Phil Ney. Phil Wilds (linesman); (fr) Russ Minns, Freddie Richards, James Martin, Mike McDonnell, Alex Waddell.

Weysiders Reserves 26-11-16.

26.11.2016: Weysiders Reserves: Tony Ney, Roly Hockin, Thom Doggett, Nik Redhead, Chris Murch, Matt Rannie, Phil Ney, David Lupaka; Gino Raccuglia, Vartan Zahorodnykov, Mike McDonnell, Russ Minns, Do De Piano, Karim Amaqrane.

Weysiders Reserves prior to the Cup Final v Farncombe Athletic II

07.05.2016: Jack Shaw, Dom De Piano, Tony Evans, Matteo Peronaci, Mike McDonnell, Chris Murch, Albert Agbor, Matt Du Gay, Simon Avenell, Russ Minns, Mike Frost, Nick Walker, Liam Cox, Gino Raccuglia, Nik Redhead, Roland Hockin.

Weysiders Reserves 2015-16

31.10.2015: Weysiders Reserves 2015-16: Jose Carvajal, Arturo Palma, Kos Papoutsism Nik Redhead, Henri Petersm Matteo Peronaci, Jack Shaw, Roland Hockin; Simon Avenell, Hendrik Heicks, Rinku Saran, Dom De Piano, Russ Minns, Jesus Robles.

Weysiders Reserves before the Cup Final

02.05.2015: Weysiders Reserves before the Cup Final v. Hersham Sports and Social. Mark Stephen, Marian Radu, Nick Walker, Mark Sydorin, Nik Redhead, Jack Shaw, Thom Doggett, Chris Murch, Gino Raccuglia; Ian Carson, Mike McDonnell, Jordan Stephen, Matt Hockin, Russ Minns, Dom De Piano, Matt Du Gay.

Hambledon A 0, Weysiders Reserves 4

29.11.2014: Hambledon A 0, Weysiders Reserves 4: Malcolm Denham (linesman), Chris Murch, Roly Hockin, Nik Redhead, Jack Shaw, Albert Agbor, Mark Sydorin, Gino Raccuglia, Thom Doggett; Rinku Saran, Jim Norton, Dom De Piano, Matt Hockin, Mark Stephen, Mike McDonnell, Russell Minns.

Weysiders Reserves (blue) v. Weysiders (red)

06.09.2014: Weysiders Reserves (blue) v. Weysiders (red)

Weysiders Reserves

21.09.2013: Weysiders Reserves: back row (l to r): Phil Wilds (linesman), Liam Cox, Chris Murch, Mike Wilkinson, Steve Grover, Kevin Barrow, Nick Burt, Thom Doggett; front row (l to r): Mike McDonnell, Mike Frost, Russ Minns, Dmitry Shragin, Salv De Piano, Rinku Saran, Scott Mahoney. Inset: Justin Horner

GCW Reserves

24.11.2012: The Reserves wallow in the mud and the glory of victory after the 3-1 win at Guildford Vapors.

Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 2012-13

08.09.2012: Guildford City Weysiders Reserves: back row (l to r): Harry Burt, Gary Martin, Chris Eyre, Mike Burt, Mike Yarnall, Chris Murch, Tony Ney, Thom Doggett, Paul Martin (manager); front row (l to r): Sam Morreale, Alex MacDonnell, Mike McDonnell, Mike Frost, Chris Lary, Marco Calicchia.

Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 2006-7

30.09.2006: Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 2006-7

Burymead II v. GCW II

25.10.2003: Burymead II v. GCW II

GCW Reserves 2002-3

03.05.2003: GCW Reserves 2002-3: (Back row) Arthur Hughes, Nicky Kirk, Bryan Frew, Rob Bailey, Tim Vince, Mike Frost, Jim Wallis, Russell Hughes (Front row) Phil Jones, Graeme Butler, Phil Harper, Nick Collis, Stuart Jackman, Steve Cranstone, Martin Stevens.

GCW Reserves 2002-3

14.09.2002: GCW Reserves 2002-3

GCW Reserves 2001-2

27.04.2002: GCW Reserves 2001-2: (Back row) Martin Lester, Mike Frost, Graeme Butler, Rob Bailey, Chris Wilds, Duncan Findlater, Peter Alesbury
(Front row) Derek Over, Steve Birchall, Phil Harper, Tim Vince, Simon Avenell, Tom Morris.

Guildford City Weysiders Reserves show us their medals

05.07.2001: Peter Alesbury, Steve Brooks, Kevin Brundish, Simon Avenell, Chris Wilds, Russell Hughes, Garry Davis; Phil Harper, Graeme Butler, Tom Morris, Duncan Findlater

GCW Reserves 2000-1

11.02.2001: GCW Reserves 2000-1:(Back row) Steve Brooks, Stephen Lawrence, Chris Wilds, Russell Hughes, Graeme Butler, Garry Davis, Chris Harper, Derek Over
(Front row) Duncan Findlater, Tom Morris, Terry Monan, Simon Avenell, Peter Alesbury, Kevin Brundish, Nick Clarke, Steve Cranstone.

Guildford City Weysiders Reserves, 19.02.2000

19.02.2000: Guildford City Weysiders Reserves, 19.02.2000: Russell Hughes, Derek Over, Marek Wazydrag, Chris Wilds, Jim Wallis, Tony Scott, Chris Laws, Peter Alesbury; Steve Dodd, Steve Brooks, Simon Avenell, John Reid, Phil Harper, Mike Frost.

Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Invitation Cup Semi-final at Dunsfold

13.04.1996: Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Invitation Cup Semi-final (lost 0-2): P.Wilds, S.McKay, C.Harper, C.Wilds, I.Etherington, J.Furlonger, A.White, D.Over, M.Hockin, W.Furlonger; I.Butcher, M.Denham, P.Harper, P.Alesbury, L.Evans, N.Collis, J.Reid.

Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 1994-95

08.04.1995: GCW Reserves 1994-95: Malcolm Denham (Linesman), Wes Furlonger, Chris Wilds, Chris Harper, Jim Furlonger, Nick Clarke, Derek Over, Ian Butcher, Andy White (Manager); Steve Brooks, John Reid, Phil Harper, Nick Collis, Daniel Gebreyonas, Lee Evans.

Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Cup Final at Godalming

26.04.1993: Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Cup Final (lost 2-4): A.McDermott, M.Hockin, D.Hoare, R.Deven, T.Vince, M.Chapman, J.Furlonger, S.Hockin; N.Clarke, M.Harper, P.Harper, N.Vince, A.Horner.

Guildford City Weysiders II 1, Lion Sports II 2 (Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Cup Final)

11.05.1990: Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 1, Lion Sports Reserves 2 (Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Cup, Final): J.McDermott, P.Wilds, A.White, D.Over, J.Furlonger, C.Allan, N.Nattress, S.Hockin; R.Perri, A.McDermott, A. De Piano, M.Harper, P.Harper, P.Nowell.

Guildford City Weysiders Reserves

10.03.1990: Guildford City Weysiders Reserves: Derek Over, Malcolm Denham, Nigel Nattress, James McDermott, Adrian Hook, James Furlonger, Simon Hockin, Clive Allan, Andy White (manager); Andy McDermott, Peter Nowell, Phil Wilds, Rob Perri, Angelo De Piano.

Guildford City Weysiders II 3, Wrecclesham II 1

06.01.1990: James McDermott, Adrian Hook, Derek Over, Jim Furlonger, Malcolm Denham, Andy White, Clive Allan, John Marra (linesman); Peter Nowell, Rob Perri, Phil Wilds, Angelo De Piano, Phil Harper, Andrew McDermott. Guildford City Weysiders II 3, Wrecclesham II 1

Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 1988-89

25.03.1989: Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 1988-89: A.McDermott, J.Furlonger, P.Nowell, S.Workman, J.McDermott, D.Over, M.Williams; P.Wilds, A.De Piano, V.Macco, K.Simmons

Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 1988-9

28.01.1989: Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 1988-9: A.McDermott, J.Furlonger, P.Nowell, S.Workman, J.McDermott, D.Over, M.Williams; P.Wilds, A.De Piano, V.Macco. K.Simmons.

Weysiders Reserves

07.05.1986: Weysiders Reserves have just won Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Division 3.

Weysiders Reserves on the day they won Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Division 3

07.05.1986: Weysiders Reserves on the day they won Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Division 3: R.Jones, G.Goodwin, G.Barbato, T.Davison, C.Allan, D.Spena; J.Wheatman, M.Robinson, S.Fox, F.Ferrucci, S.Butler, M.Denham.