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Weysiders Football Club.
Two teams in the Guildford & Woking Alliance League. Providing adult male football in Guildford since 1973.

Weysiders FC - Latest News: Sunday 3.12.2023

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02.12.23: Saturday′s result: Result for Saturday 02.12.2023: Weysiders 0, Burpham 0 (Guildford & Woking Alliance Premier Cup, Round 1)

25.11.23: Saturday′s result: Result for Saturday 25.11.2023: Mytchett Athletic Seniors A, Weysiders A (Guildford & Woking Alliance Division 1)

18.11.23: Saturday′s result: Result for Saturday 18.11.2023: Weysiders 0, Chertsey Old Salesians 6 (Guildford & Woking Alliance Division 1)

04.11.23: Saturday′s result: Result for Saturday 04.11.2023: Chiddingfold P, Weysiders P (Guildford & Woking Alliance Premier Cup, Round 1)

03.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50


Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Cup Final at Godalming
Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Cup Final (lost 2-4): A.McDermott, M.Hockin, D.Hoare, R.Deven, T.Vince, M.Chapman, J.Furlonger, S.Hockin; N.Clarke, M.Harper, P.Harper, N.Vince, A.Horner.

03.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50PPPOne of many tours, Guildford City Weysiders toured France in 1999.

Champagne Tour 1999
Champagne Tour 1999

03.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50

Guildford City Weysiders were introduced to the Guildford Mayoress in 2001.

Guildford City Weysiders
Guildford City Weysiders meet the Mayoress

03.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50


2001-2 Trophy haul
2001-2 Trophy haul

02.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50

The all-conquering Weysiders squad of 1983-4 (sadly without the absent Tim and Richard Buzaglo) which won five of six trophies we entered.

All conquering Weysiders 1984
Graeme Chrystal, Clive Allan, Garry Pierrepont (Manager), Lee Foster, Derek Over; John Moore, Steve Kellaway, Justin Horner, Chris Rayner, Malcolm Denham; Roger Hicks, Andy Horner, Tony Davies, Andy Jerrett, Kevin Simmons, Ian McIsaac. (Tim Buzaglo and Richard Buzaglo were playing cricket.)

02.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50

We won the Guildford & District League in 1982. Here's how the Surrey Advertiser reported it.

Weysiders are champs
Weysiders win the Guildford League title


1 November 2023 is the fiftieth birthday of Weysiders FC. Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the club over all those and best wishes for the next fifty years!
Below is the oldest known photograph of the club from 1975.

Weysiders FC 1975
Weysiders FC 1975: Colin Sharp, Garry Pierrepont, Andy Davison, Tim Davison, Malcolm Denham, Richard Denness; Mark Pasco, Keith Ford, Kevin Simmons, Keith Meynall, Andy Vernoum.

01.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50

Our all-time top goalscorer Tim Buzaglo, who netted 712 goals in 559 games (many of which he played in goal!).

Tim Buzaglo in 1982.
Tim Buzaglo in 1982.

01.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50

Our highest appearance maker DEREK OVER (669 games) with the Bagshot 5-a-side trophy in 1983.

Weysiders win Bagshot 5-a-side
Weysiders win Bagshot 5-a-side: Derek Over, Lee Foster, Tony Davies (10), Chris Rayner (5), Tim Buzaglo (8).

01.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50

The oldest photograph of a goal! IAN MCISAAC scores against Holmbury in the 1982 Guildford & District League Cup Final which we won 8-2.

Ian McIsaac scores for Weysiders
Guildford League Cup Final. Ian McIsaac nets again.

01.11.23: WEYSIDERS 50

Throwback to 1981.

Weysiders FC, 1980-1
Weysiders FC, 1980-1: Graeme Chrystal, Dave Bremner, Malcolm Denham, Dave Lovegrove, Nigel Butler, Ron Middleton, Roger Hicks, Garry Pierrepont; Simon Butler, Kevin Simmons, Lee Foster, Tim Buzaglo, Ian McIsaac.

28.10.23: Saturday′s result: Result for Saturday 28.10.2023: Upper Hale 2, Weysiders 2 (Guildford & Woking Alliance Division 1)

08.10.23: Congratulations...

to Sam Peters who made his 100th appearance for the club on Saturday.

07.10.23: Saturday's result

Result for Saturday 07.10.2023: Weysiders 0, Woking & Maybury 1 (Guildford & Woking Alliance Premier League Cup)

On this day ...
03 December

03.12.22: Weysiders 3, University of Surrey II 2 (Guildford & Woking Alliance Premier Division)

03.12.22: AFC Farnham Vets II C, Weysiders Reserves C (Guildford & Woking Alliance League Division 3)

03.12.16: Weysiders 5, Tongham 1 (Surrey Intermediate League Division 2)

03.12.16: West End Village II 0, Weysiders Reserves 1 (Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Division 2)

03.12.11: University of Surrey B 4, Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 1 (Guildford & Woking Alliance League Division 4 North)

03.12.05: Guildford City Weysiders 2, Dunsfold 1 (Surrey Intermediate League Division 2)

03.12.05: Addlestone Town 5, Guildford City Weysiders A 1 (Guildford & Woking Alliance Division 1)

03.12.05: Guildford City Weysiders B 4, Shottermill & Haslemere B 0 (Guildford & Woking Alliance League Division 3)

03.12.94: Guildford City Weysiders 1, Elstead 1 (Surrey Intermediate League Division 3)

03.12.94: Lightwater United II 4, Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 2 (Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Division 3)

03.12.88: Haslemere 1, Guildford City Weysiders 1 (Surrey Intermediate League Division 2)

03.12.88: Guildford City Weysiders Reserves 5, Ripley Village II 4 (Surrey Intermediate League Reserves Division 2)

03.12.83: Weysiders 5, Albury 2 (Surrey Intermediate League Division 2)


The Astolat Pub, Guildford

The Red Rose, Guildford

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Club Officials

Chairman: Anthony Ney
Club Secretary: Russell Minns
Treasurer: James Pierrepont
First Team Manager: Philip Ney
Social Secretary: Chris Murch
Website Manager: Garry Pierrepont
President: Derek Over
Vice-President: Phil Wilds
Vice-President: Andrew White
Vice-President: Paul Martin
Vice-President: Malcolm Denham