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GCW A v University of Surrey II

15.09.2007: GCW A: Paul Richards, James Pierrepont, Darren Parsons, Ben Spencer, Kevin Barrow, Tim Buzaglo, Chris Golding, Chris Rayner (Joint Manager);
Kelvin Charles, Alex Foley, Michael De Piano, Salv De Piano, Paul Martin, Rob Faulkner.

GCW 'A' Team 2006-7

28.10.2006: GCW 'A' Team 2006-7: (Back row) Nick Butler, Kelvin Charles, Ben Spencer, Pete Danes, James Pierrepont, Chris Rayner (Manager), Tim Buzaglo (Manager), Kevin Barrow, Paul Richards, Roly Hockin; (Front row) Steve Brooks, Darren Parsons, Mark Stephen, Andy Savage, Frank Walters, Paul Martin, Matt Hocki

GCW 'A' Team 2006-7

30.09.2006: GCW 'A' Team 2006-7: (Back row) Chris Rayner, Paul Martin, Simon Gatfield, Luke Holt, Kevin Barrow, Ben Crockford, Ben Spencer, Chris Golding, James Pierrepont, Tim Buzaglo; (Front row) Justin Horner, Mark Stephen, Frank Walters, Jon Scammell, Sam Crabtree, Andy Savage, Steve Brooks.

University of Surrey A 3, Guildford City Weysiders A 1

17.09.2005: Guildford City Weysiders A: Mark Robertson, Chris Blight, James McDermott, Ben Crockford, Nick Butler, John Williams, Kevin Barrow, Ben Jones, Chris Rayner (manager); James Martin, Andrew Horner, Ian Farrell, Jon Scammell, Tim Buzaglo, Steve Brooks, Paul Martin. Inset: Chris Golding.

Ewhurst II 1, GCW A 2

03.04.2004: Guildford City Weysiders A: Chris Golding, James McDermott, Ben Spencer, Derek Over, Ben Crockford, Nick Burt, Garry Pierrepont; Paul Martin, Dom De Piano, Tim Buzaglo, Simon Avenell, Steve Brooks, Justin Horner.

Guildford City Weysiders A Team 2002-3

21.12.2002: Guildford City Weysiders A Team 2002-3: Garry Pierrepont, Andy Horner, Tim Buzaglo, Ben Spencer, Derek Over, Mark Robertson, Nick Butler, Tony Scott, Malcolm Denham; Phil Jones, Matt Hockin, Frank Walters, Angelo De Piano, Steve Brooks, Justin Horner

Guildford City Weysiders A 2001-2

06.04.2002: Malcolm Denham, Harley Williams, Phil Jones, John Williams, Andy Horner, James McDermott, Garry Pierrepont; Matt Hockin (inset), Steve Brooks, Nick Butler, Chris Rayner, Tim Buzaglo, Dom De Piano.

A Team 2000-1

16.09.2000: A team: Garry Pierrepont, Matt Hockin, Andy White, Jim McDermott, Andy Horner, Andy Cook, Malcolm Denham, Lee Evans; Jon Scammell, Peter Macmillan-Pratt, Tim Buzaglo, Chris Rayner, Dom De Piano, Phil Jones.